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BuildHelper Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static preMigrate ()
static postMigrate ()
static consolidateMigrations ($sPart= 'base')
static preBuild ($bIsDevVersion=false)
static preOM ($bIsDevVersion=false)
static postBuild ($bIsDevVersion=false)
static postOM ($bIsDevVersion=false)
static groupedSchemaXml ()
static generateBuildXml ()
static copyPropelAdditions ()
static getDBAdapter ()

Public Attributes

const CLASSNAME_PATTERN = "/<table[^>]*phpName=\"(\w+)\"/"
const SCHEMA_FILE_PATTERN = '/(.+\\.)?schema\\.xml/'

Static Public Attributes

static $PEER_SUFFIX = "Peer"
static $MAP_SUFFIX
static $QUERY_SUFFIX = "Query"
static $BASE_PREFIX = "Base"

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