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GroupPeer Class Reference
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Static Public Member Functions

static addSearchToCriteria ($sSearch, $oCriteria)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from BaseGroupPeer
static translateFieldName ($name, $fromType, $toType)
static getFieldNames ($type=BasePeer::TYPE_PHPNAME)
static alias ($alias, $column)
static addSelectColumns (Criteria $criteria, $alias=null)
static doCount (Criteria $criteria, $distinct=false, PropelPDO $con=null)
static doSelectOne (Criteria $criteria, PropelPDO $con=null)
static doSelect (Criteria $criteria, PropelPDO $con=null)
static doSelectStmt (Criteria $criteria, PropelPDO $con=null)
static addInstanceToPool ($obj, $key=null)
static removeInstanceFromPool ($value)
static getInstanceFromPool ($key)
static clearInstancePool ($and_clear_all_references=false)
static clearRelatedInstancePool ()
static getPrimaryKeyHashFromRow ($row, $startcol=0)
static getPrimaryKeyFromRow ($row, $startcol=0)
static populateObjects (PDOStatement $stmt)
static populateObject ($row, $startcol=0)
static doCountJoinUserRelatedByCreatedBy (Criteria $criteria, $distinct=false, PropelPDO $con=null, $join_behavior=Criteria::LEFT_JOIN)
static doCountJoinUserRelatedByUpdatedBy (Criteria $criteria, $distinct=false, PropelPDO $con=null, $join_behavior=Criteria::LEFT_JOIN)
static doSelectJoinUserRelatedByCreatedBy (Criteria $criteria, $con=null, $join_behavior=Criteria::LEFT_JOIN)
static doSelectJoinUserRelatedByUpdatedBy (Criteria $criteria, $con=null, $join_behavior=Criteria::LEFT_JOIN)
static doCountJoinAll (Criteria $criteria, $distinct=false, PropelPDO $con=null, $join_behavior=Criteria::LEFT_JOIN)
static doSelectJoinAll (Criteria $criteria, $con=null, $join_behavior=Criteria::LEFT_JOIN)
static doCountJoinAllExceptUserRelatedByCreatedBy (Criteria $criteria, $distinct=false, PropelPDO $con=null, $join_behavior=Criteria::LEFT_JOIN)
static doCountJoinAllExceptUserRelatedByUpdatedBy (Criteria $criteria, $distinct=false, PropelPDO $con=null, $join_behavior=Criteria::LEFT_JOIN)
static doSelectJoinAllExceptUserRelatedByCreatedBy (Criteria $criteria, $con=null, $join_behavior=Criteria::LEFT_JOIN)
static doSelectJoinAllExceptUserRelatedByUpdatedBy (Criteria $criteria, $con=null, $join_behavior=Criteria::LEFT_JOIN)
static getTableMap ()
static buildTableMap ()
static getOMClass ($row=0, $colnum=0)
static doInsert ($values, PropelPDO $con=null)
static doUpdate ($values, PropelPDO $con=null)
static doDeleteAll (PropelPDO $con=null)
static doDelete ($values, PropelPDO $con=null)
static doValidate ($obj, $cols=null)
static retrieveByPK ($pk, PropelPDO $con=null)
static retrieveByPKs ($pks, PropelPDO $con=null)
static ignoreRights ($bIgnore=true)
static isIgnoringRights ()
static setRightsUser ($oUser=false)
static getRightsUser ($oUser=false)
static mayOperateOn ($oUser, $mObject, $sOperation)
static mayOperateOnOwn ($oUser, $mObject, $sOperation)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from BaseGroupPeer
const DATABASE_NAME = 'rapila'
const TABLE_NAME = 'groups'
const OM_CLASS = 'Group'
const TM_CLASS = 'GroupTableMap'
const NUM_COLUMNS = 6
const ID = 'groups.id'
const NAME = 'groups.name'
const CREATED_AT = 'groups.created_at'
const UPDATED_AT = 'groups.updated_at'
const CREATED_BY = 'groups.created_by'
const UPDATED_BY = 'groups.updated_by'
- Static Public Attributes inherited from BaseGroupPeer
static $instances = array()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from BaseGroupPeer
static doOnDeleteCascade (Criteria $criteria, PropelPDO $con)
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from BaseGroupPeer
static $fieldNames
static $fieldKeys

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