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ErrorHandler Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static handleError ($iErrorNumber, $sErrorString, $sErrorFile, $iErrorLine, $aContext=null, $aTrace=null, $bNeverPrint=false, $bIsUserError=false)
static handleException ($oException, $bNeverPrint=false)
static displayErrorMessage ($aError, $bMayPrintDetailedMessage=false)
static getEnvironment ()
static isProduction ()
static shouldPrintErrors ()
static shouldLogErrors ()
static shouldMailErrors ()
static log ($mMessage)
static trace ($bClean=true, $aTrace=null)
static setEnvironment ($sEnvironment)

Member Function Documentation

static ErrorHandler::displayErrorMessage (   $aError,
  $bMayPrintDetailedMessage = false 

if possible, reads the file php_error.php in the site/lib directory and outputs it as an error message. This is called from the handleError and handleException methods if the error was not output directly to screen (like in the test environment) and could not be recovered from. If the file does not exist, it will output the text "An Error occured, exiting"

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