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FileResource Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($sFullPath, $sInstancePrefix=null, $sRelativePath=null)
 __toString ()
 getFullPath ()
 getInstancePrefix ()
 isBase ()
 isSite ()
 isPlugin ()
 baseVersion ()
 siteVersion ()
 pluginVersion ($sPluginName)
 getRelativePath ()
 getInternalPath ()
 getFrontendPath ()
 getFileName ($sExtensionCutoff=null)
 getDirectoryPath ()
 parent ()
 isFile ()
 isDirectory ()
 getFrontendDirectoryPath ()
 addToPath ($sPathItem)
 unlink ()

Static Public Member Functions

static mainDirCanonical ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FileResource::__construct (   $sFullPath,
  $sInstancePrefix = null,
  $sRelativePath = null 

Used to create FileResource instances. ResourceFinder will call this with given full path, instance prefix, relative path; other uses will likely let the function figure out instance prefix and relative path. Setting relative path to non-null and instance prefix null is not allowed. Setting instance prefix but not relative path is redundant.

string$sFullPathThe absolute file path
string$sInstancePrefixThe part of the CMS’ folder which this file belongs to (base, site or plugins/*); includes trailing slash
string$sRelativePathThe file path following the instance prefix. There can be multiple files in the installation with the same relative paths if the instance prefix differs.

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