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FrontendModule Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($oLanguageObject=null, $aPath=null, $iId=1)
 renderFrontend ()
 cachedFrontend ($bIsPreview=false)
 cacheKey ()
 getSaveData ($aData)
 widgetData ()
 getCssForFrontend ()
 getJsForFrontend ()
 renderBackend ()
 getWidget ()
 getWords ()
 getLanguageObject ()
 setLanguageObject ($oLanguageObject)
 __sleep ()
 __wakeup ()
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 getModuleName ()
 getModuleInfo ($sSetting=null)
 getDisplayName ($sLanguageId=null)

Static Public Member Functions

static acceptedRequestParams ()
static listContentModules ($bIncludeEmpty=false)
static getDirectoryForModule ($sModuleName)
static getConfigDirectoryForModule ($sModuleName)
static isDynamic ()
static getContentInfo ($oLanguageObject)
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static getModuleInstanceByTypeAndName ($sType, $sName)
static getClassNameByTypeAndName ($sType, $sName= '')
static getDisplayNameByTypeAndName ($sType, $sName, $sLanguageId=null)
static getPathArrayByTypeAndName ($sType, $sName)
static getModuleInfoByTypeAndName ($sType, $sName)
static isModuleEnabled ($sType, $sName)
static getDefaultRolesForModule ()
static isModuleAllowed ($sType, $sName, $oUser=null)
static getModuleMetadataByTypeAndName ($sType, $sName)
static moduleExists ($sModuleName, $sType=null)
static listModulesByType ($sType, $bListEnabledOnly=true)
static listModulesByTypeAndAspect ($sType, $sAspect, $bListEnabledOnly=true)
static listModuleTypes ()
static listAllModules ($bListEnabledOnly=true)
static getType ()
static listModules ($bListEnabledOnly=true)
static listModulesByAspect ($sAspect, $bListEnabledOnly=true)
static getClassNameByName ($sModuleName)
static getNameByClassName ($sClassName)
static getDisplayNameByName ($sModuleName, $sLangugaeId=null)
static getModuleInstance ($sModuleName)
static moduleName ()
static isValidModuleClassName ($sName)
static isValidModuleClassNameOfAnyType ($sName)
static isSingleton ()

Protected Member Functions

 constructTemplate ($sTemplateName="main", $bUseGlobalTemplatesDir=false)
 getData ()
 getModuleSetting ($sName, $sDefaultValue)
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 constructTemplate ($sTemplateName=null, $bForceGlobalTemplatesDir=false)

Protected Attributes


Static Protected Attributes

static $MODULE_TYPE = 'frontend'
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Additional Inherited Members

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- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from Module
static constructTemplateForModuleAndType ($sModuleType, $sModuleName, $sTemplateName=null, $bForceGlobalTemplatesDir=false)
static template ($sTemplateName=null, $bForceGlobalTemplatesDir=false)

Member Function Documentation

FrontendModule::constructTemplate (   $sTemplateName = "main",
  $bUseGlobalTemplatesDir = false 

Convenience constructTemplate that can be used without any arguments, yielding 'main' as the template’s name.

static FrontendModule::getContentInfo (   $oLanguageObject)
LanguageObject$oLanguageObjectThe language object with the data whose content info you want description: should return some helpful information in page_detail filled_module, displaying filtered unserialized language object data mainly for custom modules with options
string|Template|null Something that describes the content, preferably text-only
FrontendModule::getCssForFrontend ( )
Use the ResourceIncluder to include CSS resource files
FrontendModule::getData ( )

Gets the raw form of the data currently associated with this frontendmodule instance. Use widgetData for the transformed data.

FrontendModule::getJsForFrontend ( )
Use the ResourceIncluder to include JS resource files
FrontendModule::getSaveData (   $aData)

Override this method to transform the data sent from your config widget into a string/blob that can be stored in the database.

FrontendModule::getWidget ( )

Returns the widget used to configure this particular frontend module. Default implementation outputs the contents of renderBackend as form and serializes that on save. If renderBackend returns a falsish value, the default widget is the one that’s named the same as this frontend module plus a suffix of “_frontend_config” and whose constructor, in addition to the session key, takes but one argument: the frontend module instance $this.

WidgetModule|string The configured widget or its bare name
FrontendModule::getWords ( )

Returns the words for which this module should be listed in the site’s search index

FrontendModule::renderBackend ( )

Return a form (as string or Template) to be serialized on saving in either admin or preview contexts. Use getWidget instead if you wish to provide more interactive configuration options.

FrontendModule::widgetData ( )

Do the reverse transformation of getSaveData: from string/blob into a configuration value that can be used by the config widget.

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