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HtmlTag Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($sName)
 addParameters ($aParameters)
 setParameters ($aParameters)
 getParameters ()
 clearParameter ($sParameterName)
 getParameter ($sParameterName)
 setParameter ($sParameterName, $sParameterValue)
 hasParameter ($sParameterName)
 setName ($sName)
 getName ()
 setChildren ($aChildren)
 getChildren ()
 setParent ($oParent)
 getParent ()
 appendChild ($mChild)
 removeChild ($mChild)
 setParseCallback ($mParseCallback)
 getParseCallback ()
 extractFirstElement ($sElement= 'p')
 __toString ()

Member Function Documentation

HtmlTag::__toString ( )

Does the actual parsing of the tag to produce valid XHTML output. The default implementation uses a TagWriter to produce the tag contents, passing it the name, parameters and parsed children (as string).

If a parse callback is set, it relies on its implementation to return valid output given the parsed children. Most callbacks will want to use TagWriter as well but transform the output a bit before doing so.

HtmlTag::extractFirstElement (   $sElement = 'p')

Mainly used to extract introductions from long rich texts

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