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LocaleUtil Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static getLocaleId ($sLanguageId=null)
static acceptLocales ($sLanguageId=false)
static setLocaleToLanguageId ($sLanguageId=null, $iCategory=LC_ALL)
static localizeDate ($iTimestamp=false, $sLanguageId=null, $sFormat="x", $sTimeZone=null)
static parseLocalizedDate ($sDate, $sLanguageId, $sFormat="x")
static localizeTimestamp ($iTimestamp, $sLanguageId=null, $bShowTimeShort=false)
static normalizeDate ($sDate, $sSeparator= '-')
static localizeTime ($iTime, $sSeparator= '.')
static getMonthNameByMonthId ($iMonthId, $sLanguageId=null, $bIsLong=true)
static getDayNameByWeekday ($iWeekday, $sLanguageId=null, $bIsLong=true)
static getPreferredUserLanguage ()

Static Public Attributes

static $ACCEPT_LOCALE_LISTS = array()

Member Function Documentation

static LocaleUtil::setLocaleToLanguageId (   $sLanguageId = null,
  $iCategory = LC_ALL 

Sets the locale settings of a given locale category to the passed locale. If a language is passed instead of a locale, the locale is searched using LocaleUtil::getLocaleId(). This function tries to set the locale using the current browser output encoding. If this fails, it tries to set the locale with the default encoding.

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