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Manager Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Manager:
AdminManager FileManager FrontendManager GotoManager WidgetTestManager PreviewManager LoginManager

Public Member Functions

 render ()

Static Public Member Functions

static getUsedPath ()
static getRequestPath ()
static usePath ()
static unusePath ()
static hasNextPathItem ()
static peekNextPathItem ()
static getRequestedPath ()
static getOriginalPath ()
static routeConfig ()
static getPrefixForManager ($sManagerName)
static getManager ()
static getCurrentPrefix ()
static isPost ($sMethod= 'POST')
static isAjaxRequest ()
static isXMLHttpRequest ()
static getCurrentManager ()
static shouldIncludeLanguageInLink ()
static listManagers ()
static getManagerClassNormalized ($mManager=null)

Static Protected Member Functions

static setRequestedPath ($sNewPath)

Static Protected Attributes

static $REQUEST_PATH = array()
static $CURRENT_MANAGER = null

Detailed Description

class Manager abstract

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