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PermissionWidgetModule Class Reference
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WidgetModule Module

Static Public Member Functions

static moduleIsGranted ($sModuleName, $sModuleType= 'widget')
static userHasRole ($sRoleKey)
static mayDoOperationOnObjectOfModel ($sOperation, $sModelName, $mObject)
static mayUpdateObjectOfModel ($sModelName, $iObjectId)
static mayDeleteObjectOfModel ($sModelName, $iObjectId)
static mayInsertObjectOfModel ($sModelName)
static mayEditPageDetails ($iPageId)
static mayEditPageDetailsAndDelete ($iPageId)
static mayEditPageContents ($iPageId)
static mayEditPageStructure ($iPageId)
static mayCreateChildren ($iPageId)
static mayDelete ($iPageId)
static mayViewPage ($iPageId)
static isSingleton ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from WidgetModule
static includeResources ($oResourceIncluder=null)
static isPersistent ()
static needsLogin ()
static getCustomMethods ()
static removeStoredWidgets ()
static getWidget ($sWidgetType, $sSessionKey=null)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Module
static getModuleInstanceByTypeAndName ($sType, $sName)
static getClassNameByTypeAndName ($sType, $sName= '')
static getDisplayNameByTypeAndName ($sType, $sName, $sLanguageId=null)
static getPathArrayByTypeAndName ($sType, $sName)
static getModuleInfoByTypeAndName ($sType, $sName)
static isModuleEnabled ($sType, $sName)
static getDefaultRolesForModule ()
static isModuleAllowed ($sType, $sName, $oUser=null)
static getModuleMetadataByTypeAndName ($sType, $sName)
static moduleExists ($sModuleName, $sType=null)
static listModulesByType ($sType, $bListEnabledOnly=true)
static listModulesByTypeAndAspect ($sType, $sAspect, $bListEnabledOnly=true)
static listModuleTypes ()
static listAllModules ($bListEnabledOnly=true)
static getType ()
static listModules ($bListEnabledOnly=true)
static listModulesByAspect ($sAspect, $bListEnabledOnly=true)
static getClassNameByName ($sModuleName)
static getNameByClassName ($sClassName)
static getDisplayNameByName ($sModuleName, $sLangugaeId=null)
static getModuleInstance ($sModuleName)
static moduleName ()
static isValidModuleClassName ($sName)
static isValidModuleClassNameOfAnyType ($sName)
static isSingleton ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from WidgetModule
 doWidget ()
 setNew ($bIsNew=true)
 isNew ()
 setInputName ($sInputName)
 getElementType ()
 getInputName ()
 getSessionKey ()
 setSetting ($sSettingName, $mSettingValue)
 allSettings ()
 __construct ($sSessionKey=null)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Module
 getModuleName ()
 getModuleInfo ($sSetting=null)
 getDisplayName ($sLanguageId=null)
- Public Attributes inherited from WidgetModule
const WIDGET_SESSION_KEY = 'widget_storage'
- Public Attributes inherited from Module
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Module
 constructTemplate ($sTemplateName=null, $bForceGlobalTemplatesDir=false)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from WidgetModule
static includeWidgetResources ($bEndDependenciesOnJS=false, $oResourceIncluder=null)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from Module
static constructTemplateForModuleAndType ($sModuleType, $sModuleName, $sTemplateName=null, $bForceGlobalTemplatesDir=false)
static template ($sTemplateName=null, $bForceGlobalTemplatesDir=false)
- Protected Attributes inherited from WidgetModule
 $sPersistentSessionKey = null
 $sInputName = null
 $aInitialSettings = array()
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from WidgetModule
static $MODULE_TYPE = 'widget'
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from Module

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