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WidgetModule Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for WidgetModule:
Module DashboardControlWidgetModule DetailWidgetModule DocumentationDisplayWidgetModule DocumentCategoryInputWidgetModule ExternallyManagedInputWidgetModule FileUploadWidgetModule GroupInputWidgetModule InfoBarWidgetModule LanguageTabsWidgetModule LinkCategoryInputWidgetModule LinkInputWidgetModule ModelDragAndDropWidgetModule PageInputWidgetModule PermissionWidgetModule PersistentWidgetModule RoleInputWidgetModule SidebarInputWidgetModule SpecializedListWidgetModule StringWidgetModule TagPanelWidgetModule TimezoneInputWidgetModule

Public Member Functions

 doWidget ()
 setNew ($bIsNew=true)
 isNew ()
 setInputName ($sInputName)
 getElementType ()
 getInputName ()
 getSessionKey ()
 setSetting ($sSettingName, $mSettingValue)
 allSettings ()
 __construct ($sSessionKey=null)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Module
 getModuleName ()
 getModuleInfo ($sSetting=null)
 getDisplayName ($sLanguageId=null)

Static Public Member Functions

static includeResources ($oResourceIncluder=null)
static isPersistent ()
static needsLogin ()
static getCustomMethods ()
static removeStoredWidgets ()
static getWidget ($sWidgetType, $sSessionKey=null)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Module
static getModuleInstanceByTypeAndName ($sType, $sName)
static getClassNameByTypeAndName ($sType, $sName= '')
static getDisplayNameByTypeAndName ($sType, $sName, $sLanguageId=null)
static getPathArrayByTypeAndName ($sType, $sName)
static getModuleInfoByTypeAndName ($sType, $sName)
static isModuleEnabled ($sType, $sName)
static getDefaultRolesForModule ()
static isModuleAllowed ($sType, $sName, $oUser=null)
static getModuleMetadataByTypeAndName ($sType, $sName)
static moduleExists ($sModuleName, $sType=null)
static listModulesByType ($sType, $bListEnabledOnly=true)
static listModulesByTypeAndAspect ($sType, $sAspect, $bListEnabledOnly=true)
static listModuleTypes ()
static listAllModules ($bListEnabledOnly=true)
static getType ()
static listModules ($bListEnabledOnly=true)
static listModulesByAspect ($sAspect, $bListEnabledOnly=true)
static getClassNameByName ($sModuleName)
static getNameByClassName ($sClassName)
static getDisplayNameByName ($sModuleName, $sLangugaeId=null)
static getModuleInstance ($sModuleName)
static moduleName ()
static isValidModuleClassName ($sName)
static isValidModuleClassNameOfAnyType ($sName)
static isSingleton ()

Public Attributes

const WIDGET_SESSION_KEY = 'widget_storage'
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Static Protected Member Functions

static includeWidgetResources ($bEndDependenciesOnJS=false, $oResourceIncluder=null)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from Module
static constructTemplateForModuleAndType ($sModuleType, $sModuleName, $sTemplateName=null, $bForceGlobalTemplatesDir=false)
static template ($sTemplateName=null, $bForceGlobalTemplatesDir=false)

Protected Attributes

 $sPersistentSessionKey = null
 $sInputName = null
 $aInitialSettings = array()

Static Protected Attributes

static $MODULE_TYPE = 'widget'
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from Module

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Module
 constructTemplate ($sTemplateName=null, $bForceGlobalTemplatesDir=false)

Member Function Documentation

static WidgetModule::getWidget (   $sWidgetType,
  $sSessionKey = null 

Instanciates a widget or extracts it from the session. This method is preferred over using “new MyWidgetModule()” because it takes into account the session key as well as the disabled flag. Pass additional arguments to the module’s constructor after the session key. If your module is not persistent, do not pass a session key.

string$sWidgetTypeThe widget_type (in underscore notation)
string | null$sSessionKeyThe session key (most often null, but still required for persistent modules if you wish to pass additional parameters)
WidgetModule the instanciated widget

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