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Right Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 getMayEditPageStructure ()
 rightFits ($mPage, $sMethodName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseRight
 applyDefaultValues ()
 __construct ()
 getId ()
 getRoleKey ()
 getPageId ()
 getIsInherited ()
 getMayEditPageDetails ()
 getMayEditPageContents ()
 getMayDelete ()
 getMayCreateChildren ()
 getMayViewPage ()
 getCreatedAt ($format= 'Y-m-d H:i:s')
 getUpdatedAt ($format= 'Y-m-d H:i:s')
 getCreatedBy ()
 getUpdatedBy ()
 setId ($v)
 setRoleKey ($v)
 setPageId ($v)
 setIsInherited ($v)
 setMayEditPageDetails ($v)
 setMayEditPageContents ($v)
 setMayDelete ($v)
 setMayCreateChildren ($v)
 setMayViewPage ($v)
 setCreatedAt ($v)
 setUpdatedAt ($v)
 setCreatedBy ($v)
 setUpdatedBy ($v)
 hasOnlyDefaultValues ()
 hydrate ($row, $startcol=0, $rehydrate=false)
 ensureConsistency ()
 reload ($deep=false, PropelPDO $con=null)
 delete (PropelPDO $con=null)
 save (PropelPDO $con=null)
 getValidationFailures ()
 validate ($columns=null)
 getByName ($name, $type=BasePeer::TYPE_PHPNAME)
 getByPosition ($pos)
 toArray ($keyType=BasePeer::TYPE_PHPNAME, $includeLazyLoadColumns=true, $alreadyDumpedObjects=array(), $includeForeignObjects=false)
 setByName ($name, $value, $type=BasePeer::TYPE_PHPNAME)
 setByPosition ($pos, $value)
 fromArray ($arr, $keyType=BasePeer::TYPE_PHPNAME)
 buildCriteria ()
 buildPkeyCriteria ()
 getPrimaryKey ()
 setPrimaryKey ($key)
 isPrimaryKeyNull ()
 copyInto ($copyObj, $deepCopy=false, $makeNew=true)
 copy ($deepCopy=false)
 getPeer ()
 setRole (Role $v=null)
 getRole (PropelPDO $con=null, $doQuery=true)
 setPage (Page $v=null)
 getPage (PropelPDO $con=null, $doQuery=true)
 setUserRelatedByCreatedBy (User $v=null)
 getUserRelatedByCreatedBy (PropelPDO $con=null, $doQuery=true)
 setUserRelatedByUpdatedBy (User $v=null)
 getUserRelatedByUpdatedBy (PropelPDO $con=null, $doQuery=true)
 clear ()
 clearAllReferences ($deep=false)
 __toString ()
 isAlreadyInSave ()
 mayOperate ($sOperation, $oUser=false)
 mayBeInserted ($oUser=false)
 mayBeUpdated ($oUser=false)
 mayBeDeleted ($oUser=false)
 keepUpdateDateUnchanged ()
 getCreatedAtTimestamp ()
 getCreatedAtFormatted ($sLanguageId=null, $sFormatString= 'x')
 getUpdatedAtTimestamp ()
 getUpdatedAtFormatted ($sLanguageId=null, $sFormatString= 'x')
 keepUpdateUserUnchanged ()
 getPKArray ()
 getPKString ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from BaseRight
const PEER = 'RightPeer'
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BaseRight
 doSave (PropelPDO $con)
 doInsert (PropelPDO $con)
 doUpdate (PropelPDO $con)
 doValidate ($columns=null)
- Protected Attributes inherited from BaseRight
 $startCopy = false
 $alreadyInSave = false
 $alreadyInValidation = false
 $alreadyInClearAllReferencesDeep = false
 $validationFailures = array()
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from BaseRight
static $peer

Member Function Documentation

Right::getMayEditPageStructure ( )

Returns whether the right allows editing the page structure (creating, moving and deleting objects). Currently aliased to may_edit_page_contents

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