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Timer Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($name= '')
 startTimer ()
 addTime ()
 getCalls ()
 getElapsedTime ()

Public Attributes

 $totalTime = null
 $name = ''
 $calls = 0

Protected Attributes

 $startTime = null

Detailed Description

Timer class allows to time some PHP code. Copy of sfTimer Symfony (c) 2004-2006 Fabien Potencier fabie.nosp@m.n.po.nosp@m.tenci.nosp@m.er@s.nosp@m.ymfon.nosp@m.y-pr.nosp@m.oject.nosp@m..com

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Timer::__construct (   $name = '')

Creates a new sfTimer instance.

string$nameThe name of the timer

Member Function Documentation

Timer::addTime ( )

Stops the timer and add the amount of time since the start to the total time.

integer Time spend for the last call
Timer::getCalls ( )

Gets the number of calls this timer has been called to time code.

integer Number of calls
Timer::getElapsedTime ( )

Gets the total time elapsed for all calls of this timer.

integer Time in milliseconds
Timer::startTimer ( )

Starts the timer.

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