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AdminManager Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AdminManager:
Manager WidgetTestManager

Public Member Functions

 getModuleName ()
 render ()
 renderAdmin (Template $oTemplate=null)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Manager
 render ()

Static Public Member Functions

static setContentLanguage ($sLanguageId)
static createLanguageIfNoneExist ($sLanguage, $oUser=null)
static initializeFirstUserIfEmpty ($sUsername=null, $sPassword=null)
static getContentLanguage ()
static setCurrentPage ($oPage)
static getSiteTemplatesForListOutput ($sPostfix= '_item')
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Manager
static getUsedPath ()
static getRequestPath ()
static usePath ()
static unusePath ()
static hasNextPathItem ()
static peekNextPathItem ()
static getRequestedPath ()
static getOriginalPath ()
static routeConfig ()
static getPrefixForManager ($sManagerName)
static getManager ()
static getCurrentPrefix ()
static isPost ($sMethod= 'POST')
static isAjaxRequest ()
static isXMLHttpRequest ()
static getCurrentManager ()
static shouldIncludeLanguageInLink ()
static listManagers ()
static getManagerClassNormalized ($mManager=null)

Public Attributes

const JQUERY_VERSION = '1.11.1'
const JQUERY_UI_VERSION = '1.10.4'
const DEFAULT_MODULE = 'dashboard'
const CONTENT_LANGUAGE_SESSION_KEY = 'content_language'

Protected Member Functions

 preRender ()

Protected Attributes


Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from Manager
static setRequestedPath ($sNewPath)
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from Manager
static $REQUEST_PATH = array()
static $CURRENT_MANAGER = null

Member Function Documentation

static AdminManager::createLanguageIfNoneExist (   $sLanguage,
  $oUser = null 
string$sLanguageIduse cases:
  1. at first users' creation
  2. fallback method, creates language if it does not exist, but not at first users' login time, i.e. when languages have been truncated
static AdminManager::getSiteTemplatesForListOutput (   $sPostfix = '_item')
string$sPostfixstring of template 'list item' identifier retrieve all templates from site template dir that follow a naming convention list template name: examplename.tmpl list_item template name: examplename_item.tmpl
array assoc of path to examplename in key and value

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